Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Our customers are our priority. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us, 336-273-3475.

Is there a price difference between a wheel-lift and rollback?

No, and our rates are competitive with other towing companies.

What are dollies?

Dollies are used when towing a vehicle with a wheel-lift tow truck. We lift one end of the vehicle with the wheel-lift and place dollies under the tires at the other end. This allows us to tow the vehicle with its wheels completely off the ground.

Why does it cost more to have a vehicle towed after its been involved in an accident and police call for a tow truck?

The city of Greensboro sets the towing rate for vehicles involved in accidents. The city establishes these rates to ensure that the towing companies that respond to police calls have the proper equipment on their tow trucks to provide quick service. They also ensure that we have the proper insurance, towing equipment, 24-hour service and driver training.

How is storage priced?

Storage is charged per calendar day. The first four hours are free of charge.

Do you provide long-term storage for boats, tractor-trailers and more?

Yes, we provide long-term storage at a contract rate.
Call for a quote, 336-273-3475.

Do you provide additional services besides towing automobiles?

We tow or haul vehicles of all sizes and weights including deck trailers, generators, forklifts, storage trailers and oversized construction equipment. We can obtain permits for any state in the continental United States.
Call for a quote, 336-273-3475.

Do you provide rotator/crane service?

Yes, we have a 60-ton rotator and a 75-ton rotator. They are considered high capacity with low reach and a height of 28 feet. The rotator/crane is efficient for use in tasks such as loading and unloading trucks inside buildings, and it’s the main unit used on accident recovery scenes.

Can you tow a tractor-trailer combination?

In North Carolina, a tractor-trailer combination can be towed a maximum of 50 miles within state lines. In some cases, it may be best to separate the two units to tow them — i.e., safety, reason for breakdown, location of tow, etc.

Can you remove unwanted vehicles from my property?

No. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, we cannot remove it from the property. However, if you are in the Greensboro city limits, City Code Enforcement will instruct you on removal.